BECASA Beach Bangles - Moody Beach PACK of 10

BECASA Beach Bangles - Moody Beach PACK of 10

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NEW MIXED PACK! Set of 10 (TEN) bangles in our most popular colors -- Turquoise, Pearl and Golden Sand. Please be advised on number of bangles per pack - 10.

These simple and durable bangles belong at The Beach. Water and sunblock safe. They're the picture of all-day comfort from the pool to dinner. You’ll find yourself sliding these on your wrist more than you’d first guess - they have an addictive quality about them. Fun to collect several of your favorite colors. Lightweight and TSA-safe for travel. Even more fun to trade with your friends.

- Waterproof
- Made of a soft, rubber material
- 10 individual bangles to a set
- Each bangle ranges in size, as they are handmade - if you need an extra large or extra small set, please email us and we'll do our best to accommodate you! 

Handmade in Africa. We found our best-selling bangles through a fair-trade vendor at a design show in Paris. We love them. Their popularity is one of the reasons we were able to keep BECASA afloat in its infancy as a small business. Hooray!